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An SVG image Time saving in initial registrations
➔ Documents are available in REGULA™
➔ Possibility to work with templates
➔ Key information about the country available
Prozent Diagramm 65 Time gaining in re-registrations process
➔ Keep products of base registration
➔ Keep existing/valid documents of base registration
➔ Easy replacement of documents/products

➔ Automatic archiving of foreign registration

Prozent Diagramm 50 Time saving in retrieving documents
➔ Many filter possibilities
➔ Well thought out search feature 
    (e.g. to which countries has a specific document been submitted)

➔ Good versioning / history

Prozent Diagramm 75 Reduction of questions to RA department

➔ Creation of specific management reports
➔ Automatic creation and sending of specific reports to defined people
➔ Viewer right for selected people

Prozent Diagramm 90

Risk reduction of missed deadlines
➔ Warning when submissions expire soon
➔ No submissions fall unintentionally into oblivion

Prozent Diagramm 50 Simplification of the labor division

➔ RA-Task management directly in REGULA™
➔ Comments and information can be placed on each level

Prozent Diagramm 50 Improvement of project management

➔ Overview of responsibilities
➔ Overview of market priorities
➔ Creation of specific project reports

Prozent Diagramm 50 Time saving in getting submission information

➔ What is the current market coverage
➔ Which submissions are currently in work
➔ Where is a specific product approved in the world
➔ etc.