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We consider each REGULA™ introduction as a project and for each introduction we work through the following steps:

regula system introduction

As we are owner of the source code customizing according to customer wishes is possible.

The duration of a REGULA™ introduction depends on the complexity of the customer’s situation.

è Experience value: 3-9 months

REGULA™ will be installed on your own IT-infrastructure.

REGULA™ allows data interaction via interface to third-party systems. Visualization:

regula system introduction2

System requirements

The system requirements are depending on the complexity of the customer’s structure, the number of users and the data volume intended to be stored in REGULA™.

The installation of REGULA is done on a dedicated server (windows or Linux). Detailed server requirements and the installation process are defined during the introduction project.

The access to REGULA™ is done via web browser. For an unrestricted use of REGULA™, JavaScript needs to be activated in the browser. 

regula system introduction3