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regula submission management

Submission Management

➔ Electronic management of submissions and timelines
➔ Centralized management of information and data
➔ Guided process for initialization of new submissions
regula globus

Permanent Tracking

➔ Approved products (market coverage)
➔ Pending registrations (in work)
➔ Countries where selling is explicitly blocked

regula warning

Warning Management

➔ Expiring registrations
➔ Stalled registrations
➔ Expired registrations

regula reregistration

Re-Registration with a few clicks

➔ Simple re-registration process
➔ Only a few clicks needed
➔ Keep or discard documents
➔ Automatic archiving of old registrations (inactive)
regula country template

Country Templates

➔ Save your experience
➔ Create your own country templates for future registrations
➔ Purchase templates of ISS AG, Integrated Scientific Services

regula reporting

Automatic Reporting

➔ Create your specific management reports
➔ Save your most frequently used reports
➔ Create and send reports periodically and automatically to defined people
➔ Export your reports to CSV

regula task management

Embedded Task Management

➔ Management of to-do’s
➔ Assign tasks to people
➔ Progress control of tasks

regula zip

Simple Submission Compilation

➔ Collection of submission content in a ZIP-File
➔ Creation of an automatic PDF index e.g. according to STED
➔ Choose the hierarchy within the ZIP-File (flat or chapters)

regula information

Knowledge Management

➔ Place information and comments on each level
➔ Inform colleagues about important information
➔ Conclude phone calls in a brief submission comment