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    Expert Cybersecurity Consultation for MedTech Manufacturers: Minimize Risks & Meet Regulatory Requirements

2 Videos (in English)

Gain an initial insight into the regulatory requirements. (approx. 25 min)
Understand the gravity of delayed action to regulatory inquiries or cyberattacks (approx. 25 min)

2 hours of consulting

Option 1:
2 hours of online consultation (via Teams)
Option 2:
1 hour of preparation for your pre-submitted questions and 1 hour of online consultation (via Teams).

Certificate of Attendance

After your consultation, you will receive a certificate of attendance. This certificate serves as official proof of your training in cybersecurity for medical devices and can be presented to notified bodies and your employer.

Introduction to MedTech Cybersecurity

You will gain access to two videos before you consult with our cybersecurity expert and his team. The first video underscores the gravity of delayed action, whether it's in relation to regulatory inquiries or cyberattacks. The second video delves into the complex world of regulatory requirements for MedTech manufacturers, equipping you with vital insights.

Individual Consultation

Our cybersecurity expert will address your concerns and help you develop practical solutions to fulfil the applicable cybersecurity and regulatory requirements.

Meet the expert

Cybersecurity is a critical concern for MedTech manufacturers in today's regulatory landscape. The mounting focus on potential cyber threats necessitates that MedTech companies make cybersecurity a top priority.

Matthias Steck, Senior Consultant Software & Active Medical Devices

Our expert brings over 20 years of unparalleled experience in this field. Together with his team, he will assist you in crafting tailored cybersecurity strategies that safeguard your systems and align with regulatory requirements.

Meet the Cybersecurity Expert

This package includes online access to two videos on cybersecurity, two hours of consulting and a certificate of attendance. Choose between two options:

CHF 890.- (excl. VAT)

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